Dr Amiya Bhaumik

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Amiya holds a Bachelor and double Master degrees, and a PhD in a number of disciplines such as biology, culture and psychology, and international management . He is a founder, former Vice Chancellor, and now President of Lincoln University College Malaysia which offers more than 95 programs including various PhDs and MBBS programs via 12 faculties.

He is a visionary leader for developing society via education and training . He has worked with many international organisations including Ottawa University, USA. While working with international universities he has gained various types of educational development work that include writing policies and strategies of education for a number of countries. He has travelled all the continents of world too more than 108 countries for his work.

Dr Amiya believes in Abraham Lincoln’s philosophy of providing education to each and every human being of the world. Further, that through education we can help each and every human being to manifest their hidden divinity, power, strength and scholarships of wisdom to the humanity. Dr Amiya terms this kind of activity as “WORK IS WORSHIP”.


Srinivas Avvari

Chief Operating Officer

Srinivas Avvari is an accomplished senior executive with significant management experience in the public sector in Australia.

He is passionate about delivering a superior student experience that enhances lifelong learning opportunities, practical and scientific skills, social values, leadership and entrepreneurship by harnessing information technology including machine learning and deep learning to prepare students as entrepreneurs and job creators.

Srinivas holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Bangalore, and a Master of Construction Management from the University of New South Wales.