We are committed to providing you with the support you need to feel safe and supported while you study. You can report an issue of concern or make a complaint about aspects of your student life through our complaints process.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is any type of problem or concern about academic or non-academic matters that you raise with the LEA, and requires our staff to work with you towards a resolution. It could be to do with your studies, student life, the LEA environment or the behaviour of a student or staff member.

General enquiries, feedback and comments (including on social media) will not normally be considered a complaint.

Complaints give us an opportunity to identify areas for improvement. We approach any experience of unreasonable treatment, disadvantage or distress seriously and with sensitivity. Our goal is to work with you towards a timely and effective resolution. If you choose to remain anonymous, we may be limited in our ability to assist you. If you make a complaint on behalf of someone else, we will be limited in disclosing information to you due to privacy provisions.

The Student Grievances, Complaints and Appeals Policy sets out how you may make a complaint or appeal against a decision made by LEA. Where a complaint is covered by an alternate policy of the LEA, we will assess the complaint in accordance with that policy.

If you have a grievance or complaint please see a member of our Student Experience team.

The LEA Policy Library is the single source of truth for LEA rules, policies and procedures.

If you wish to lodge a complaint about LEA, you can contact the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency.